Begin at the Beginning

Let's begin at the beginning...

Whether you are a child or an adult, we all have a place or a seminal time that made us feel either positive or negative.

Psychotherapy is the process of increasing one’s wellness and strength to help recreate a new narrative.

So, “let’s begin at the beginning”.

What to Expect on Your Therapy Journey

Being a therapist is a humbling experience and a position that I take sincerely. Being vulnerable, feeling safe, laughing, and pushing past the distress is just a few of the moments that are shared in the therapeutic relationship journey.

One of the most exciting things to experience in therapy are the words, “I haven’t told anybody this”. This sentence means that you have allowed yourself not only to be open with me, not only that you trust the process, but more importantly, that you have been able to confront yourself. When you can allow this, it becomes a healing moment and helps clarify the underlying emotions, or a moment in time, that may have caused you to be stuck.

The beginning

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Let's Begin at the Beginning