Begin at the Beginning

About Me!

Dr. Natalie Medina-Minton, DSW, LCSW, BC-TMH

I’m Dr. Natalie Medina-Minton and I have been a clinical social worker for...a long time. Even though it has been awhile, like a wonderful love affair, time feels like it has moved fast which only shows how much I love doing what I do. During my love affair with being a clinical social worker, I have done behavioral therapy in the home, worked in private and city hospital settings, helped people with disabilities get connected to services and identify whether they are able to consent for sexual engagement. I have helped children from various backgrounds and needs, assist couples in deciding what to do next, had the honor of supervising some amazing clinicians and case managers, and many other experiences that I am deeply proud to have been a part of.

I come from a Puerto Rican family that has anxiety and depression evident. Any mental health symptom that was experienced was something that you do not talk about and even less likely to talk to a therapist about. Growing up and experiencing my own traumas, I wanted to be able to not only change the idea of therapy in communities of color, but to be able to have all individuals who are experiencing distress to not suffer in silence by being given tools and feeling a sense of hope. My greatest gifts and joys are passing on the knowledge that I have gained to my clients and those that I supervise to help survive and succeed through life’s various challenges. My style is one of openness, warmth, compassion, non-judgement and is holistic. I frequently tell my clients; you are driving the car and I am a passenger and together we are deciding which road to take and why.

My hopes for You

  • To allow us together to process your past, present and hope for your future
  • Help increase your empowerment and strength (We are all superheroes!)
  • Love Therapy 😊