What happens during the initial meeting?
Our initial meeting is for us to develop a rapport and ensure that you feel comfortable.

For children/adolescents: We will first meet all together (child and caregiver). The caregiver will then be asked to leave the room to allow for rapport building with the child/adolescent.

For families: We will first meet all together. Caregivers will then be met for 15 minutes and children will then be met for 15 minutes.

These steps are vital to allow each individual present to voice their perspectives and begin to feel connected to the experience. Whether it is an individual, couple, or family the first session is about gathering more information on the presenting concern, rapport development, and further assessment to ensure that therapy could be provided safely.

Do you take insurance?
Unfortunately, no I don't. However, I do provide my clients with out-of-network documentation and provide support in filling out any further non-participating provider paperwork for insurance companies.

How long are sessions?
Individual sessions are 50-55 minutes. Couples and family sessions are 60 minutes. There may be times that sessions may need to be longer to allow for further processing or needs. During these times, it will be discussed prior to allow for changes in everyone’s schedule and financial differences to be explored.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments available?
Yes. I offer early morning, evening and Saturday hours to meet clients at the most convenient time. Saturday hours are typically provided via telehealth (phone or video).

How much do sessions cost?
Please contact me directly to discuss fee for sessions and supervision.