Clinical Supervision and EMDR Consultation

My love of helping others extends to future generations and current clinicians. I enjoy being a mentor passing down the tools, experiences, and information I have gathered throughout the years. I am SIFI certified to continue mentoring students in field placements wherever I may be. I am an EMDR certified clinician able to provide consultation as a CIT.

I have many years of experience providing supervision to social workers, caseworkers, and mental health counselors of all levels. I have worked in high-risk, high-pressure environments of psychiatric inpatient settings, crisis programs, outpatient mental health programs, and school-based clinics. This experience allowed me to understand the stress, vicarious trauma, and dedication to working in clinical environments. I enjoy providing supervision to clinicians and pride on creating a safe environment for growth and learning.

My approach in supervision is one of caretaking, challenging you to go beyond what you think you are capable of, and helping you to understand possible biases that may exist. Most importantly, we are a team, so we learn from each other.